Tuesday, November 16, 2010

This or That?

Hey, so most of you saw our list of questions on Facebook last night. We had an instant, (some were pretty funny) response :) I guess I can conclude that most of you guys are in front of the com on FB at 11pm..hehe.. And for those who haven't seen our Facebook posts (tsk tsk), here's the list of questions and the majority vote:

  1. Leather of Lace? Leather

  2. Camel of Red? Red

  3. Kitten Heel or High Heel? High Heel

  4. Coat or Cape? Coat

  5. Minimalism or Opulence? Minimalism

We couldn't answer the questions on FB as we are automatically "thepoplook.com" when we log onto the page. So we decided to blog it instead :)

Lace - I love the look of lace against skin and Malaysia is wayyy too hot to have any item of clothing in leather. And I can't really do Gangsta Chic.. hehe..
Camel - Chloe comes to mind with models dressed in all-camel on the catwalk - so chicc.
Ideally, High Heel - but I have fear of breaking my ankle in anything over 4 inches, I'm a flats girl :)
Coat - do capes keep out the cold? And who's gonna say no to a Burberry Trench?
Opulence - For sure! the current LV campaign, ladies in full skirts and cinched waists -40s glammm!!

Lace - Well, I just got a pixie haircut so I try to play up my feminine side :)
Both - I refuse to choose. I think they would go well in an outfit together.
High - I'm 5'2", fine.. 5'1".. I rest my case.
Cape - Batwing, my recent obsession! So, I go cape, it's like a batwinged coat.
Minimalism - I love the idea of muted luxury. So yes, definitely minimalism.

And finally, to the more important part, here's what the industry experts said:

"Leather, leather's more sexy and more edgy " Jourdan Dunn, Model

"Leather, I'm bored of it, this was last season. Lace, see through, see through, sexy" Anna Dello Russo

"Definitely Camel, it goes with everyone's skin tone" Olivia Polermo

"Red Hot, I love a little bit of colour. And I think Red is one of those sophisticated things, you can use it as an accent, even as a lipstick" Kim Hersov, Editor-At-Large Harper's Bazaar UK

"High, just more sexy. Tallerr" Emma Hill, Creative Director Mulberry

"Both, but preferably not one on each foot" Elle Macpherson

"Cape, cape is easy" Olivia Polermo

"I think there's something very rigorous about the coat. I love the masculinity of a coat on a woman. But at the same time a cape hides something, and I like the idea that the cape becomes much more mysterious" Antonio Berardi, Designer

"Oohh.. So now I love a cape, don't get me wrong because there is a little bit of wonder woman in every young girl" Cat Deeley

"Mixture of both. Cos you wanna look chic when you walk in and glamourous when you take it off " Julien Macdonald, Designer

Hope everyone's having a great week so far and getting ready to relax tomorrow! Love holidays mid-week :D