Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Slouchy Skinny Denim Legging

Denim Denim Denim, our closet staple be it skinny or flare, bootcut or boyfriend; this magic material goes with EVERYTHING (well, except denim itself). You must agree that those fashion people up there have done almost everything they can to this basic piece - obvious from the ever-evolving styles. And lately, they have even pulled out their pliers, scuffs, nails, paint and TA DA .. we have distressed jeans. I am jealous that they can make work material look so sophisticated. And I hate how they make us want to buy them :( Although I do know of some mothers who will not allow their daughters to wear these torn, 'cheap looking' jeans.. mothers, mothers..

The immensely popular Balmain distressed jeans.

Anyway, talking about denim evolution, I've been seeing a lot of two styles lately and have a bit of mixed feelings about both of them. 1. The Slouchy Skinny 2. Denim Leggings.

1. Slouchy Skinny

Citizens of Humanity slouchy skinny

Ok, so, I guess this is the combination of both skinny and slouchy, yes - loose at the thighs but tight around the ankles. This style is gaining a lot of popularity and I have a strong feeling it stemmed from Katie Holmes' 'fisherman' look. I'm thinking she couldn't find them in the market and had to make the look herself.

katie holmes in rolled jeans

Hmm.. personally, I find this folded hem a bit too fishy for me. I must admit Mrs Cruise looks HOT but I don't think I'll be able to pull it off. But I DO like the slouchy skinny above. It looks very effortless chic, laid-back cool. And I bet in our humid weather, these are a lot more airy compared to the proper skinny skinnies. Verdict: YES for me :D

2. The Denim Leggings (aka Jeggings = Jeans + Leggings)

Denim Leggings on ASOS
Yes, technology has allowed us to combine these two materials, fashion designers have managed to combine these two styles, and we have successfully combined these two words. Jeans/leggings that suppose to give you the 'perfect' fit. And here, Paris seems to agree with this trend:

Paris Hilton in denim leggings

BUT I'm a bit iffy - I think designed/styled wrongly, on the wrong body type, this trend can be a huge disaster! eg:

Styled here for American Apparel

Although, I must admit, some look HOT:

Kate Bosworth in denim leggings

So, denim leggings - I feel, if styled correctly can look amazing but personally, I'll try and stay away from the general legging 'traps' - bright, shiny, glossy. I'd prefer to go for a darker matte shade for the ultimate slimming effect ;) I also hope we can find thinner jeggings around, my legs will definitely be sweating if these are thick and tight :s

Anyway, comment and let me know what you think! slouchy skinny? denim leggings?

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Christian the Lion

Hey guys,

Ok, was planning on a fashion-y subject for my first post but really have got to share this clip I saw. I'm sure a lot of you would have seen it already, dubbed 'A True Love Story', it is a clip on care and affection, seperation then reunion. Yes, I'm talking about Christian the Lion. Ok, for those of you who have not seen it, here's the clip! Enjoy! and get some kleenex ready!

See, I told you to get the tissues ready - I teared up bad the first time I watched it. Anyway, been trying to find out more info on the two men and the lion, read up a bit online and they were also guests (well, not the lion of course) on the Oprah Show today. I was shocked to read that they bought the lion in Harrods London where they saw it caged up sometime in the 60s. Can you imagine seeing exotic animals for sale in Harrods today?? among the Oscar de la Rentas, and Missonis? Actually, come to the think of it, it'll be pretty cool (ok, i'm not condoning the sale of wild animals, just that i can imagine it on some posh fashion campaign ad). The two men have been back to Kenya another time after this clip was taken. And you can see that Christian's mane had grown. Such amazing shots to see humans in such close contact with a wild gentle beast.

It really gets one thinking, how closely we are connected to the animals in this world, the respect they hold for us and the love and protection we should be returning to them. I guess all of us can start small - maybe walk your dog today, or play with your cat, volunteer at the local SPCA.

Ok, I'm gonna go look for Turbo (our dog) now and see whether he wants to play catch.

For more info on Christian the Lion:
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