Saturday, July 23, 2011

Shoulder Cut-out

I've been seeing this trend around quite a bit lately. Shirts, tees, blouses, with the shoulder corner cut out. I guess it's a clever, unexpected way of showing a little skin and still be quite conservative. Bought a pretty floral blouse with shoulder cutouts on my last shopping trip. Paired it casually with my shorts and flats the other day, and when my mom saw it, she said, "What are you wearing lah? Hole here hole there.. I said, "Mom, it's called fashion!". She shakes her head.

So what do you think of the shoulder cut-out? Fashion trend or here to stay?

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Skinny Vs. Wide Leg

I read an article on Style: Magazine recently. It was about the change of popular taste in denim, noting a shift from skinny to wide-leg. It pointed out head-buyers in the states that have gone from stocking skinnies to the opposite - picking out only wide-legged ones. This got me thinking about my own stack of skinnies... Are they really going out of style? *cries*

If you have been on's Facebook page recently, you would have seen our recent poll on the two styles. 51 votes for the skinny and 23 for the wide-leg. Hmm.. maybe the author was wrong afterall!

But then again, there's this new cult denim brand, MOTHER jeans and in a recent interview, Tim Kaeding, the Creative Director was asked:

Q~ Which styles were the most popular among buyers?

A~ “Almost every boutique placed orders for The Wilder and The Drama!"

And yes, they are both wide-legged jeans.

I guess only time will tell. But what do you think? Are we witnessing a tectonic-shift in the denim world?

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Current Obsession: Anton Heunis

Ok, so I was shopping on the other day. Tom Binns jewellery was on sale and I was just about to purchase these perfect pair of earrings when the dreaded "Sold Out" sign flashed on my screen. Hate it when that happens!

The only silver lining when something sells out at Gilt is that they offer you something similar. And in my case, I was introduced to a relatively-unknown label - Anton Heunis.

Of course, I clicked on them right away and wow.. now I'm obsessed with his creations! Described as "Modern-Vintage", I think this oxymoron really does sum up what his collections are all about. Take a look :)