Thursday, November 18, 2010

Kudos to Nuffnang!

NuffNang - a word synonymous with online advertising. If you don't know Nuffnang .. seriously.. *shakes head*. Well, for those who don't, Nuffnang acts as the middleman between bloggers and advertisers. You see the little "Nuffnang" logo under adverts on most blogs and also the "I serve Nuffnang" banners. The business model is beautiful in its simplicity; a win-win-win situation - bloggers get paid based on readership, Nuffnang gets a cut, Big Fat Corporates get their word out... Why didn't I think of this?!! In just 3 years, Nuffnang is already a multi-national company with presence in Malaysia, Singapore, Phillippines and Australia.

From personal experience, ever since I started, everywhere I turn online I see Nuffnang. They really have a strong control of the social media market, from blogs to tweets (they have Churp Churp which does the same thing for Tweeters), Nuffnang's omnipresent online.

Yesterday, I was just sent an email from a friend with the subject title: "When will you reach this?". Opened the email and it's a link to an article of Nuffnang being featured on BBC! I was in awe and very much inspired. It's people like Mr Cheo and Mr Tiah that have become role models for all young entrepreneurs. A big congratulations goes to Nuffnang and team!

Anyway, to sum things up, I'd like to share a quote. Mr Cheo's advice for budding entrepreneurs:

"Find something that you think can make money, and make sure you run it by a couple of people and don't drag your feet on it. Just do it.. There is no better way of knowing something will work than to actually try it out. You miss 100% of the shots you don't take."

You can read the full article and watch the interview on BBC here.

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