Monday, November 8, 2010

House of Harlow Best Friends Competition

The House of Harlow Best Friends competition is now on!!



End of year is nearing, the holiday mood is definitely kicking in and the crazy parties are gonna start! So, here's your chance to win this highly coveted jewelry piece from House of Harlow + RM200 coupon; and two of your best friends RM200 coupons each.


Don't need to crack your heads. Just keep it simple. E.g.

"My friends and I deserve to win because we have supported each other through thick and thin. These coupons would definitely be a good way to celebrate our friendship."

We accept answers in English and Malay. Nothing fancy, really, it's the votes that count :) So, start going through your folders of pics and email us at now!

We are so excited to share this with you - what's life without best friends?

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