Sunday, November 28, 2010

The Giving Tree

Written, drawn and narrated by Shel Silverstein. He's a genius.

"Shel Silverstein .. you kinda fucked me up in a beautiful way" Daul Kim

Saw this a while back on Daul Kim's blog and really wanted to share it. The clip really did evoke a lot of feelings albeit being a little trippy. First, I felt sadness, that humans are selfish beings. Then I thought, in my life, the most giving people are my parents and I guess the Giving Tree can represent parents who sacrifice so much for their kids. The clip also made me believe more in the good of people in this world. I guess you can also view the Giving Tree as the giving Earth that we keep tapping resources from and soon have nothing to offer. But like with all things, you can argue the flipside, that the tree is overly giving and too ideal. We as humans who don't perceive this behaviour as normal would naturally be guarded with such behaviour. I guess you can look at it at million angles.

Haha.. there I go trying to be all analytical..

Any thoughts on the Giving Tree?

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  1. I just viewed the whole video. THis is very touching and thought-evoking. We really are selfish beings aren't we? ='( That's why we must always give back! Give back to nature and society.