Monday, September 14, 2009

Nu Bra - the New Bra to have!

Before reading any further, for the boys: be warned that this post isn't addressed to you. It's about ladies' underwear and no, it's not the lacy, skimpy type - it's sticky and pretty weird looking, so yea, be warned!

Ok, girls, I really have got to share this AMAZING find with you! I had heard of sillicon stick-on bras for months before I finally bought one. I had been aware that there were a lot of copies of these kind of bras, but knew I had to get the original Nu Bra, approved and carried by Victoria's Secret. After putting them on for the first time, I wondered why I had waited so long before my purchase! Nu Bra has been the solution to all my "revealing bra" problems. Because of the sticky silicone pad, the bra cup sticks on to you like skin - comfortable yet unyielding. You can jump, run, and even sweat, yet, these babies will stay on PERFECT - trust me!

Thicker in the middle and thinner on the edges, Nu Bra looks au naturale too! And for the less endowed among us, don't worry about not filling your Nu Bra - these sticky pads always give a perfect fit and you can kiss those "open bra cup problem" goodbye! :) Last but not least - cleavage. Always thought that sexy cleavages are only for the fuller chested? This isn't the case anymore - us flatter chested can now get some cleavage action too! With Nu Bra, you can "pull" your breasts together and thus, creating a fuller effect. With this, you're ready to take on any neckline-plunging, bare-back dress out there ;)

Ok, enough reading, this video will show you what I mean:

And at, we carry Nu Bra Feather-lite, Nu Bra Seamless, and the Original Nu Bra.

Ok, some of you may think that I'm only plugging Nu Bra because carries it - but no.. I REALLY DO LOVE my Nu Bra!

Sunday, September 13, 2009

I <3 Junkfood

No, I'm not talking about, crisps, coke, candy or chocolate. I love Junkfood CLOTHING! I adore these tees and practically live in them. I find Junkfood perfect for our warm weather, and for those going to places with colder climate, why not layer these over long sleeve tees/shirts (I remember seeing Anna Stern from the OC looking preppy-punk with a tee over a long sleeve, collared shirt).

JunkFood is well known for its soft, weathered fabrics that feature retro and contemporary pop culture images as well as original artwork. With its loyal celebrity following, it is no wonder this basic closet piece has become a must-have item for the savvy, trend-concious among us ;)

So, check out for the latest designs by Junkfood! We are currently carrying Misfits, Beatles, Jimi Hendrix and Queen. *Psst*.. I hear that new stock, which includes Madonna, KISS, AC/DC and Kings of Leon, has just arrived so hang tight and we'll satiate your junkfood craving!

Thursday, September 10, 2009

"Youth comes with Age" - Jean Cocteau

Ok, so I was just surfing the internet and was taken aback when I saw old .. yes, REAL OLD ladies in high-fashion shots. Here's introducing Old Ladies Rebellion, a fashion label by 24-year-old French, Fanny Karst. This label is designed specifically for older women and uses ordinary, old-looking models. (Although I did read that these models used to be Givenchy's muses in the 60s - so, not so ordinary after all, eh?). The line features forgiving shift dresses in silk, modern prints and even puns - "not at your age", proving that ahmas now can be elegant AND rock n' roll! The line originally designed for the older woman, has been described as very wearable, for ladies from 18-80. Personally, these pieces aren't for me. Although I can imagine Kim Catrall looking elegant in some of these dresses - making it look oh-so-chic in the streets of the City. Also, OLR reminds me of fashion-business moguls, Mary-kate (or is it Ashley) Olsen in elegant, oversized dresses.

What a breath of fresh air in the fashion world! This will only open doors for designers, and our dreams of one day becoming fashion models will never end - there is now a glimmer of hope ;)

Thursday, September 3, 2009's Jewellery Photoshoot .. Woot!

Yeap, we had our very first jewellery photoshoot. YAY! And here's a sneak peak of our model, photos and of course jewellery! HUGE HUGE thank you to Juinn Ruei and Shea Jean -you guys are the best :)

Model: Shea Jean Lim
Make-up Artist: Juinn Ruei Tan