Monday, January 3, 2011


So I spent the New Year in Singapore this year :) Took a bumboat out along some river to watch the fireworks which was breathtaking! You guys should try it sometime.. they go up real close to where the fireworks take place, it was magical and quite scary at the same time.

Anyway, I also managed to catch the Valentino exhibition at Resorts World during my trip down. They pulled out 100 amazing haute couture pieces from Italy. It's a past/present/future show, so kinda like a cross-section of his life's work... and like Wow. Seriously.It was soo BEAUTIFUL! You HAVE TO go see it if you're down in Singapore! The exhibition will be on till 13th Feb so you have like over a month!

I managed to get a few pictures of the dresses but trust me.. without a flash and the low light conditions, none of my pictures do them justice!

There was so much to marvel at. His play on proportions, his unexpected use of materials, his creation of volume, his decadent take on multi-cultural-wear, ... *loses breath* But if I could describe the collection in one word it would be -


haha.. kidding. Well, that too, but the word is -


This Garavani man is the master of detail I tell you! It's insane.. The beading, the layering, the pleating, the colour-matching... his execution is flawless!

Well, here are some pics. You'll see that the bow & floral theme carries throughout his career. Very feminine and womanly.


Tickets at the entrance... I was super excited!


Just look at that!!




More favourites.


The dress Jennifer Aniston wore to the Along Came Polly Premier.


Cate Blanchett wore this dress to the 2005 Oscars - the night she won an Oscar!

So mark your calenders peeps.. you have till Feb 13th :)