Sunday, November 6, 2011

Aussie Obsession

Been noticing a slight obsession in the general public with Australian models lately...

1. Miranda Kerr
She's married to Orlando Bloom, she's a Victoria's Secret angel, and she is insanely beautiful. What more could you want??

We are loving her Rag & Bone DIY project pictures. Check em out here. Did you know that all the shots from New Zealand were by her hubby Orlando? So adorable. Can't handle it.

2. Abbey Lee Kershaw
Runway supermodel with a current campaign for Versace. She also did a Rag & Bone DIY project, but it's slightly more x-rated. We love her dark, sort of drug-addict, alternative style. She is just so COOL!

3. Isabel Lucas
OK so she's really an actress (but not a particularly good one, so let's just stick with model). She's been appearing in heaps of editorials lately and also modeled for Asos! She is a true blue Aussie beauty. We love her bohemian style.

Who is your favourite?

All images via Rag & Bone, Studded Hearts, Oracle Fox, FY! Abbey Lee Kershaw, Fashion Gone Rogue, Elle & My Fashion Collection

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