Thursday, September 10, 2009

"Youth comes with Age" - Jean Cocteau

Ok, so I was just surfing the internet and was taken aback when I saw old .. yes, REAL OLD ladies in high-fashion shots. Here's introducing Old Ladies Rebellion, a fashion label by 24-year-old French, Fanny Karst. This label is designed specifically for older women and uses ordinary, old-looking models. (Although I did read that these models used to be Givenchy's muses in the 60s - so, not so ordinary after all, eh?). The line features forgiving shift dresses in silk, modern prints and even puns - "not at your age", proving that ahmas now can be elegant AND rock n' roll! The line originally designed for the older woman, has been described as very wearable, for ladies from 18-80. Personally, these pieces aren't for me. Although I can imagine Kim Catrall looking elegant in some of these dresses - making it look oh-so-chic in the streets of the City. Also, OLR reminds me of fashion-business moguls, Mary-kate (or is it Ashley) Olsen in elegant, oversized dresses.

What a breath of fresh air in the fashion world! This will only open doors for designers, and our dreams of one day becoming fashion models will never end - there is now a glimmer of hope ;)

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