Sunday, September 13, 2009

I <3 Junkfood

No, I'm not talking about, crisps, coke, candy or chocolate. I love Junkfood CLOTHING! I adore these tees and practically live in them. I find Junkfood perfect for our warm weather, and for those going to places with colder climate, why not layer these over long sleeve tees/shirts (I remember seeing Anna Stern from the OC looking preppy-punk with a tee over a long sleeve, collared shirt).

JunkFood is well known for its soft, weathered fabrics that feature retro and contemporary pop culture images as well as original artwork. With its loyal celebrity following, it is no wonder this basic closet piece has become a must-have item for the savvy, trend-concious among us ;)

So, check out for the latest designs by Junkfood! We are currently carrying Misfits, Beatles, Jimi Hendrix and Queen. *Psst*.. I hear that new stock, which includes Madonna, KISS, AC/DC and Kings of Leon, has just arrived so hang tight and we'll satiate your junkfood craving!

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