Saturday, July 23, 2011

Skinny Vs. Wide Leg

I read an article on Style: Magazine recently. It was about the change of popular taste in denim, noting a shift from skinny to wide-leg. It pointed out head-buyers in the states that have gone from stocking skinnies to the opposite - picking out only wide-legged ones. This got me thinking about my own stack of skinnies... Are they really going out of style? *cries*

If you have been on's Facebook page recently, you would have seen our recent poll on the two styles. 51 votes for the skinny and 23 for the wide-leg. Hmm.. maybe the author was wrong afterall!

But then again, there's this new cult denim brand, MOTHER jeans and in a recent interview, Tim Kaeding, the Creative Director was asked:

Q~ Which styles were the most popular among buyers?

A~ “Almost every boutique placed orders for The Wilder and The Drama!"

And yes, they are both wide-legged jeans.

I guess only time will tell. But what do you think? Are we witnessing a tectonic-shift in the denim world?

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  1. i have one of this! a Levi's. :)) its so cool to wear it. it feels as if you're in a middle of a retro age.. :3