Sunday, August 9, 2009

Christian the Lion

Hey guys,

Ok, was planning on a fashion-y subject for my first post but really have got to share this clip I saw. I'm sure a lot of you would have seen it already, dubbed 'A True Love Story', it is a clip on care and affection, seperation then reunion. Yes, I'm talking about Christian the Lion. Ok, for those of you who have not seen it, here's the clip! Enjoy! and get some kleenex ready!

See, I told you to get the tissues ready - I teared up bad the first time I watched it. Anyway, been trying to find out more info on the two men and the lion, read up a bit online and they were also guests (well, not the lion of course) on the Oprah Show today. I was shocked to read that they bought the lion in Harrods London where they saw it caged up sometime in the 60s. Can you imagine seeing exotic animals for sale in Harrods today?? among the Oscar de la Rentas, and Missonis? Actually, come to the think of it, it'll be pretty cool (ok, i'm not condoning the sale of wild animals, just that i can imagine it on some posh fashion campaign ad). The two men have been back to Kenya another time after this clip was taken. And you can see that Christian's mane had grown. Such amazing shots to see humans in such close contact with a wild gentle beast.

It really gets one thinking, how closely we are connected to the animals in this world, the respect they hold for us and the love and protection we should be returning to them. I guess all of us can start small - maybe walk your dog today, or play with your cat, volunteer at the local SPCA.

Ok, I'm gonna go look for Turbo (our dog) now and see whether he wants to play catch.

For more info on Christian the Lion:
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